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"We live our lives with arms and minds wide open"

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A Welcome message from The Headteacher

On behalf of the staff and governors of Collingwood Primary School, I would like to take this opportunity to extend a very warm welcome to you and thank you for viewing Collingwood Primary School's website.

At Collingwood we are confident that we can provide an experience that will well equip your child through those first important years of their education. Our staff and governors strongly believe in treating children as individuals, nurturing their talents and interests, and supporting them to build successful relationships and to achieve his or her true potential. We believe that learning is for life and is not confined just to school and that this should be fun!

Collingwood’s aims and curriculum can be viewed by clicking this link.

Our prospectus will give you a good idea of what our school is like however, it cannot be as informative as visiting yourself. Please do contact our friendly office staff on 01245 322258 if you would like to come and see the school at work. You will be made very welcome by our pupils!

Mrs Buckland-Garnett

“Pupils’ behaviour and safety are good. They are considerate and courteous to staff and each other and have good attitudes to learning. Attendance is consistently above average.” Ofsted July 2012

You can now buy our school uniform from Tesco, please see the following link:

Clothing at Tesco

Tesco donate 5% of all uniform sales to our school if you use this link!

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